Monday, April 30, 2012

Rent To Own Available For Canadian Drug Reps

A new Canadian Rent To Own program has just been launched and is great for new drug reps who want to become first time homeowners.  This is a Rent To Own Canada program designed to help renters become full homeowners.

Sunday, March 27, 2011

My Pharmaceutical Sales Rep Interview

Former Pharmaceutical Sales Rep Interviewed

I was interviewed by about my years as a pharmaceutical sales rep the other week and looks like they put up an article about it at their website. They were asking my about my own history and how I got into pharmaceutical sales as well as my opinion on qualifications these days for people to get in.

This interview came as a bit of a surprise given that most of my interviews and press related material are around my current career as a business motivational keynote speaker instead. But I didn't really mind doing this interview since pharmaceutical sales was a big part of my past career and I learned a lot from it. Also, I still have some involvement in this industry as I sometimes consult for pharmaceutical companies and of course, I have my resources to help others get into the field for new pharmaceutical sales rep jobs.

I did emphasize in the interview that if people are serious about getting into pharmaceutical sales, they should do everything they can to learn about the field as well as develop contacts. My free 30 minute webinar on pharmaceutical sales rep careers helps do that.

It's amazing how other sectors like this online college website finds me in the internet and for the different reasons I get contacted sometimes. I really didn't expect to be contacted for my past career but again, it's okay since as long as my interview content helps people out there, I don't mind talking about former careers.

See my interview with this college website at Pharmaceutical Sales Rep Interview

Business Motivational Speaker Now

The interesting thing these days is that I can still serve my former industry now as a motivational speaker since all pharmaceutical sales rep forces need motivation for their day to day work out in the field. I would be glad to help out any pharmaceutical companies. Just check out my business motivational speaker webpage to see my available speaking programs.

pharmaceutical sales rep jobs business motivational speaker motivational keynote speaker
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Thursday, February 03, 2011

Pharmaceutical Sales Reps Joke Still Works

Inside Pharmaceutical Sales Reps Joke

I recently posted the line ' I sold drugs' on one of my blogs about how I funded my lengthly martial arts competition career over the years. Competing internationally in martial arts or any sport for that matter is not cheap. There are high costs involved in travel like hotels, flights, meals and of course competition fees.

I wouldn't have been able to compete internationally if it weren't for my full time corporate career at that time, which was working as a member of the team of pharmaceutical sales reps for drug companies. I was initially a pharmaceutical sales rep and then later got promoted to pharmaceutical sales management positions.

I Sold Drugs

That's where the 'I sold drugs' line came into effect. It was especially entertaining at parties and other social events when non-industry people were around. They would always get the line wrong and thought that I dealt with illegal substances. When they realized that I didn't, I think a few were actually disappointed!

Looks like only us pharmaceutical sales reps really understood this insider line right away. But I did have fun with this line for years as it raised all sorts of eyebrows, even on dates.

I didn't use if for a few years since retiring from the industry although I do publish a very useful book on helping people get jobs as pharmaceutical sales reps. I finally pulled that line out again for the blog post and some of my blog readers were indeed quite surprised. I guess they didn't get it too!

Of course, I immediately posted a correction of what the line really meant and I think some of my readers were quite relieved that I was not a former illegal drug dealer after all.

Looks like the line still works in terms of causing a bit of a stir out there :)

If you want to be in the position to use that line as well as a professional pharmaceutical sales rep, start with my free webinar on pharmaceutical sales jobs.

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Potty Training Dogs And Pharmaceutical Sales Reps

Potty Training Dogs Differently

When I was a pharmaceutical sales rep many years ago and at one of our big sales meetings, one drug rep told us that he would actually bring his dog with him on the road. Each morning, his dog sort of went to work with him. Of course his dog didn't go inside doctors' office with this rep but stayed inside the minivan while his master did doctor calls. So his style of potty training dogs was a bit different in a sense that the dog spent most of the day in the company vehicle.

Dog On Pharmacutical Sales Job

Of course, this dog had plently of opportunities to do his business in between sales calls, maybe even in the lawns of doctor clinics. I never even thought about this option when I was a drug rep. Instead, my two dogs would stay home all day. Sometimes I had early morning appointments with doctors or hospital rounds and sometimes I had appointments at the end of clinic days. So as a pharmacutical sales drug rep, I could have some long working days away from home.

My dogs did not rely on my to rush home to take them out since they were both trained a unique way. My style of potty training dogs involved teaching them to do their business in a specific location inside my house. Back then, it was simply newspapers laid out on the floor of a specific room at home.

Nowadays, things can be much cleaner with commercial dog litter boxes available and that's what my two present dogs use. With my long experience on housebreaking dogs indoors, I actually wrote a book on training puppies to use a dog litter box (my first published book was on helping people get into pharmaceutical sales jobs.)

If I was a pharmacutical sales rep today, I would have both options available. Either bring my dogs on the road with me like that guy did in the Maritimes or let them stay at home all day knowing that they would use dog litter boxes.

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Monday, November 30, 2009

New Pharmaceutical Sales Blog Moved To New Server

Okay, our pharmaceutical sales blog here at Blogger has moved over to the new server. We managed to export all of our old posts to the new location. We have even added a new link here at the Links section at the sidebar since we will be keeping this Blogger blog active but will no longer be posting to it.

Two other sister blogs have also been moved over including Motivational Diversity Success Blog and Martial Arts Blog. There is also a new blog for dog lovers called Life With Dogs Blog.

This is therefore our final post here so we will see you over at our new Pharmaceutical Sales Blog!

New Pharmaceutical Sales Drug Representative Blog

Our new Pharmaceutical Sales blog will be at so please update your bookmarks accordingly. This particular Pharmaceutical Sales blog here on the Blogger system will likely be deleted as old posts are exported to the new blog. My new Canadian motivational speaker website also hosts my new motivation blog.

Sunday, November 29, 2009

Pharmaceutical Sales Blog Will Be Moving

This is just a preliminary announcement that this pharmaceutical sales blog will be moving over to a Wordpress blog within our Pharmaceutical Sales website early this week. We just created the new blog over at our website and need to figure out how to import all the existing posts from this pharma sales blog here on Blogger to the new Wordpress blog. Once we know all the new URLs and RSS feeds, we will announce them here on this Blogger blog as our final post. We will then leave this blog running here on Blogger for about a week before deleting it. My own Toronto motivational speakers and blog will also be moved there too.

Saturday, November 28, 2009

New Look For Pharmaceutical Sales Blog

I changed the template to give a new look to my pharmaceutical sales blog. Hopefully, things will be slightly easier to read. All posts in this blog, which is intended for all aspiring drug representatives out there, will appear in my Pharmaceutical Sales Facebook page as well so readers can use whichever platform they prefer.